Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Appearance !!!

How important is your first appearance? It’s a question for which there are lot of answers or may be you can hardly get the right answer. I am just penning down my experience here, which might be true in some cases and may be otherwise in rest of the cases.

I have lot of friends in my life and hardly anyone who hate me once they start speaking to me and interacting with me. But what about those who just end up analyzing things from just my appearance? Is it right on their part to just come to a conclusion about a person without even knowing him/her closely and deciding how he/she might be? Not correct in my sense, specially because sometimes people don’t appear the way everyone wants them to be and for some God has not given that pleasant looks which otherwise would convert to make them a better "looking" person. I don’t know where do I belong, but the way the things have turned up it’s a mixed feeling till now.

I grew up with the same friends from my nursery till my 10th Std. So most of them were with my growth and they already knew how I was... But things were quiet different starting PUC. Some of my classmates from school continued college in the same institution, but there were also many people who joined our college. Now, how do you feel when you see a person with dark complexion, grey hairs and most of the time Red-eyes, with a good built? Scared?? I was just describing myself here....
J just recalling those days I remember some of my friends back then were scared, and little apprehensive about my looks and behavior. But then after sometime, when everyone started interacting things settled down and thankfully they knew that I am a more friendly person J

2 years just flew off and then I had to again go out for my engineering, and this time almost everyone were new to the college and every face was new to each other. The guys trying to look for some pretty and good looking faces and the girls trying to find a handsome hunk among the good looking set of people!!! Every person had their own perceptions of every other person. And in my case, the same old story repeated once again... People thinking that I would be rude, not so friendly person and many things which I don’t want to point out.
J Thankfully, after some days and months later people slowly knew what kind of a person I am. Some I think continued to have the initial perceptions correct according to them, and many realized that I was indeed a friendly person... J and the rest is history!! J J

A saying which I read recently struck me – “Always remember that you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression!! How true is this? I can proudly say that I have proved it wrong… In fact, I can safely assume that I have never impressed anyone in my first appearance. It was always the subsequent ones that made the difference… J

Things have of course changed with time…Or may be people think I am really old enough to have grey hairs. J Hope the “looks” prove to be good when it matters the most... Fingers crossed J


  1. :)...Nice one Devi..Really True!!!- AJ

  2. @AJ - :) Couldnt guess who is it though :) Really true means? :D U had a different impression about me the first time? :P

  3. Good one!!! Atleast i was not scared seeing you. I got scared once i started working with u :P ;)

    I just remembered the saying 'Never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes'. The relationship which starts seeing the personal appearance will not last long.

  4. Good one Devi...although I dont agree to most of it..like being scared of you...the only thing that came to my mind when i saw you was "poor thing was raiding even the girls washrooms to count the number of lockers in the college"...yes u were getting ragged..Wat i do agree is you being a very very nice person...cant forget the fun we had during the cricket matches and college functions...
    keep smiling like always...

  5. @Vikas - hahaha.. very true :) :) I cant stop laughing remembering that incident! :D

  6. Good one Devi...I must say you have a good sense of self awareness. I am ashamed, but I was one of those people who judge others by their appearance and of course even i have eventually realized you are indeed a friendly person.

    Today, I consider myself very fortunate that I know a person like you. You are very special Devi. Not only your appearance but also your thoughts separates you from the crowd.

    Happy to be your friend :))

  7. People thinking that I would be rude, not so friendly person .. To be frank I fall into this category .. but boy u r so right .. It just took me a few seconds to realize the gem of a person that you are buddy!! and that impression has been growing ever since :) You are one hellava rockstar! I'd say appearance will eventually fade out with time unlike the person inside you .. that will continue to shine forever ..

    Guess the anonymous guy and you are in for a million bucks!! ;)

  8. Nice post Devi... Well, to be honest, even I had felt you would be a tough guy initially... (Wasn't scared though!! I don't think anyone would be.. I mean, you are not a monster :P ) It may have also affected by the fact that I was 'small' compared to you :P .. But anyways.. Yeah, the first appearance does give some perception about a person which, unfortunately, we cannot avoid.. its common human nature.. However, I don't think you looked that bad.. trust me..

    Secondly, I strongly believe that unless and until we know a person completely, we cannot rely on our first impression.. On this note, I can give so many examples (some of them you already know ;) ) And I must tell you, and I have said and even written about the same thing about you.. You are a true example...

    You have proved it wrong (first impression) because you are that kind of a person from heart.. And you know what, that is exactly what matters!!

    And finally, my friend - you don't need much time to change it... That is your biggest plus point :)

    Great post BTW... Keep writing.. :)

  9. @Anonymous1 & 2- Very happy to get such nice and encouraging comments from both of you, but sadly both of you have not left even a clue for me to find out the person behind these comments! :)

    @pady- :) Thanks for the comments! :)

  10. Very nice post...

    Before even seeing you, your ex-roomie had explained to me about u... So I did not get that chance to see you and make an opinion about u...

    I don't really know about others but... First impression for me is how the person presents himself while speaking to someone and not his looks... How cheerful he is, or to put it in a better way, how politely he speaks.. such things matter more... We did not really get to meet for that matter... Over the chat, u r exactly like how Sunil had described u...

    P.S. A recent survey in Match.com had concluded that 72% of the gals find men with grey hair hot! They said it indicates that guys are charming, suave and experienced (in life, not in relationships). I just read today morning in Times of India. :)

  11. @preethika - Thanks for the comment! :)

    U may be one of the few exceptions who judge people after speaking to them.. :) Good to know :)

    And regarding the P.S.. ;) i wonder where these 72% are :D :D

  12. You are the best the way you are.Skin or the appearance may twist the first impression but time will prove it wrong in your case.

    I remember a great saying [ Goggled ;) ]....

    Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

  13. @Shomith- As always, i am impressed by your response! :) Thanks for the comment :)

  14. Hi Devi,

    Great write-up that reveals personal thoughts about oneself. First of all I appreciate that you accept the world and yourself the way they are.

    Appearances are children of perception. They are fed with pre-conceived notions and imaginations. And anything that is not a fact does not stand the rains of time. :)

    You dont get a second chance to make the "BEST" first impression, rather you always get a chance to make the "BEST " impression the next time ;)

    All in all,
    "Polished brass will pass upon more people than rough gold"

    Sapna :)
    P.S : I read your blog for the first time.

  15. Hey Sapna, thanks a lot for the feedback! :)

    "Polished brass will pass upon more people than rough gold" :) good one :)