Friday, July 23, 2010

3 Years!!! :)

Hi All,

Good morning... Congrats for completing another year of work life and still surviving in it ... Cheers.. We have all completed 3 years of working life...

As always, its time to recall the good old times, cherish those times again for a min or two... and then again get back to our normal schedule... J

And as part of the tradition, it’s my pleasure to pen down a few things which I want to share with you all on this yet another special day of my life.

Dated: 23rd July 2010:

Today, its 3 years since we have started one of the exiting journey of life... For some it may have been good, for some it would have been not so good. But personally it’s been very much satisfying... If someone had asked me 5 years back, where I would be in next 5 years... I would have stared at them with a blank face. But I am happy it’s a little different today… I am sure the foundation has been laid for a good decent and a happy future. Frankly, I have not achieved much in last 3 years other than some good and nice friends and few satisfying moments at work.

I want to just look back what I meant when I said Foundation has been laid for a good future. Every person in my opinion should see from where he/she actually came into existence, in what kind of environment he/she was bought up, where he is today due to his efforts in his life and then think whether he/she has got what they actually deserve.

From where I came into existence- A tricky question, even I don’t know and I am sure most of you might not know much about it in your own lives. Why do I say so? It’s simply because we were not in our own senses. Everything that happened around us was taken care by our parents. We were ignorant of the happenings and the way things were going on in our lives. When we were carefree, our parents took care of us taking all the pain and difficulties to live their life and responsibility to bring us up.

What kind of environment I was bought up – A very clean, healthy, decent environment. My parents made sure I was getting the best of the lot. Good education, Good food, good “scolding” teaching me lessons of life. They did everything possible and spent their life in bringing me up in the best possible way. Every small thing was taken care. I wanted everything that was beyond our limits, but they provided the best within their limits without second thought. It was not the best of the best, but it couldn’t have been better. And may be those little things have helped me become a better person today.

How things were for me- Now, imagine this- A person having no idea what his future would be, totally careless about the most important thing- studies and scoring good marks. Spending time in totally useless things, always wasting time. That was me, and it did not mean that I was very bad at things I did, but I was not the best. Now when it mattered the most, I got the best ranking in entrance exam – 18027/38000 J J The way I see it today, there were as many people behind me as in front of me. I feel that was really the best thing that happened.

Everything that happened after this is like a fairy tale- a happy one. I joined the engineering college and had to stay away from home. This is when I realized the real value of life. Being away from home made me realize how much I missed my parents, how much I love and care for them, and it bought in me a sense of responsibility. College life was great and the best was the 3rd year.

To cut a long story short, I was lucky enough to end up getting placed at Infosys at the end of 3rd year.

I have tried to recall only the best of the worst situations as shortly as possible, and for some it might feel, it was most comfortable life that I have had. It wasn’t actually the case, there are lot of things that has happened in last 25 years of existence. But no complains, it’s been a pleasure.

And what has happened after I joined infy? Nothing much actually, it has been a smooth ride until now, it had few manageable speed breakers as well. Now like every other person, I work for a living. What do I mean by living? Living means having a life, better than what you had experienced before.

Now has infy helped me earn this living? In 3 letters- Yes...

This company has made me achieve some of the unimaginable dreams of my life. One such small dream was achieved recently and I would like to share this with you all.

It was just close to 3 years at infy, more than that, it was only close to 2 years in ABN account. But I was one of those lucky guys who got this opportunity to travel onsite to Amsterdam, Netherlands. And travel onsite meant I was going to earn more than what we generally used to. It meant I will have opportunity to spend something extra than regular. I sent my first salary from onsite to my parents and clear off the debt. And then I knew that there would be considerable amount left with my parents. Now my mother’s long lasting dream was to get a Refrigerator for home, my father’s small dream to get a LCD TV for home. I told them, this is the right time to get it. And it so happened last week that they have got a LCD TV, and a two door Refrigerator. It was a happy moment for my parents and a very proud moment for me. My mother was explaining me how the new fridge is and how good the quality of images in TV is, over the phone. I could feel the happiness and was feeling happier here in Amsterdam. The next day she calls and continues to explain more abt it. She had actually put the pulav into the top door of the fridge which was the freezer instead of the below compartment of the fridge. She was laughing uncontrollably explaining the situation and how they struggled to heat the pulav and eat it. J Sad that I am far away from them when I should be with them during such small happy moments. But I guess for people like me, we need to sacrifice something to get something better. I definitely do not want the same happiness to continue, I would like to be back home when such small and beautiful things happen in my life.

Now getting off the sentimental mode, It’s been 3 years at Infosys and I feel extremely proud and happy the way the company has treated me as an employee. I am all geared up to continue for another year here at infosys….

"Infosys" has given me more reasons to be happy than sad, and hope the journey continues…

Wishing everyone a nice day and a happy year ahead. All the Best.

Signing off from Amsterdam,

Yours truly,

Devidas S Maller.

Emp No- 89337.

Time: 2:00 AM CET J