Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year-2012!!!

Dated: 01.01.2012

“Day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different… “– Definition for life...

A new day and a New Year and like all I have my own resolutions… A few of them are unrealistic, a few of them are unpractical, a few unimaginable and the rest handful of them realistic, practical and achievable.

Irrespective of the list, one thing which I want to make sure this year is to list down the good, the bad and the rest of the things in my life and keep a note of everything. I wish to update this blog more often with all the good things that happen in my life and the rest will be in my personal HDD storage ;) I have very less backup space on my HDD and the blog space is unlimited and hence I expect happiness to overshadow the sorrows!

Just before I rush to 2012, I would like to recall some of the things that happened in the year passed by. I had never imagined that I would be spending a whole year outside India and away from family, but it has happened. Amsterdam has made me a better person in every aspect, I suppose. I have grown one more year and hopefully become a little wiser.

The trip to India in March, 2011 was one of the highlights of the year. I tried to meet most of my friends and was able to spend some quality time with them. This trip had some memorable moments, but also had one sad moment which I wish never happened. But then, life gives surprises and we are sometimes helpless. Life has to move on…

Work wise, it’s been very enriching and smooth. I am placed in a pretty good shape and I hope the trend continues in the coming year. It has been both enjoyable and challenging but I am happy that the things have gone well in the year as a whole. It did have its own down sides, but I guess at the end of the day you have to look at the bright side.

The club cricket was excellent and I had my moments and also proud to be a part of the champion team. We won the league this year and I imagined it would me my last season of cricket. But as things stand today, I think I will be playing one more season. Fingers crossed.

I also became a little health conscious and joined the gym. Unlike the last 3 months, the first 3 months I was pretty regular. This will be one of the priorities in the coming year as well & hope to do better to get into shape. J Guess this is one common resolution of every person ;)

I also had some wonderful, relaxed Holiday’s within Europe. Holiday at Terschelling Island, Visit to the famous tulip garden – Keukenhof, Visit to Rotterdam. Apart from Netherlands, I also visited Norway, Denmark and had a nice holiday in between the serene beauty and grace of nature. The most wonderful experience was however the trip to Swiss. After all the hype that the place carries, it was worth a trip for the adventure sports.

Few glimpses which still gives me goosebumps :

Sky diving:



Apart from all the above, the routine of the week was almost constant: Work from Monday to Friday and then Friday evening was always fixed for a movie. Thanks to the unlimited pathe pass ;) I have watched the highest number of movies in 2011. I am sure this will grow in the coming year... :)

2011 was also the year where I have received the highest number of wedding invites… Many of my friend’s are married and a few are already scheduled in the first half of 2012.

As much as I liked being in 2011, I am already geared up and looking forward to 2012. Hope the year becomes a better one than the year just passed by…

Happy New Year-2012!!!