Saturday, February 23, 2008

Year-2006. Best Year Of My Life.

In three words the year 2006 is Unforgettable,Unbelievable and Eventful.
The year started off with my 5th semester B.E exams wherein for the first time in my life i had studied something even before the exams(during the revision holiday). This was only because of the fear i had after i had an lucky escape in the 4th sem microprossesor paper which i cleared in re-vals. The 35 was nothing less than a 100 for me!!!
The exams went pretty well with only 2 subjects which were very tough by the look of it. Then i had a great time with Infosys Campus Connect program and also "Kriya" which actually changed my views on everything and changed the way i think.Though the first two days were boring with tech stuff, it got better with the Personality development things ,english , group discussions and what i think as "The Values Of Life" and prabdeep with his story of motivation bought tears in my eyes.
Then the cricket matches started and this was the time when i played my BEST.(I Guess ;)) I was getting 2 wickets in every match and also i scored 57 in one of the match. But the Best was when i scored 99 n remained not out which helped our team to win the match. Though we got into the finals we couldnt become the Champs Unfortunately.
Soon our 5th semester results were out which i passed with an unexpected First class with Distinction.!!!
Between all this was the campus placements. I was eligible for 7 companies, and had cleared the first round in 5 of them , had made to the techinical round in 4 and HR in 3.!!! But finally i got lucky and got selected for "Infosys" on june 5th . I think this was and till date is the Happiest and the most memorable day of My Life. Soon the 6th semester exams were done and i managed to get a decent 67% which was less but i think thats what i deserved for the effort i put in.
Dont know how the time had passed by, we were in the final year of our course and everyone would say only one thing " enjoy as much as possible this year. You wont get these days back ". and sure enough when i sit back n think of those days now i feel i should have enjoyed a little more then!! :p

Elections were conducted as every year for the students union and i Became the Students union President winning the elections with a handsome 36-9.!! This was indeed one of those gr8 moments in my life. Though i had a tough time being the President i was very lucky to have had some of the best "FRIENDS" who helped me in all my good and most importantly so called Bad times.
This was the year 2006 which bought me lot of luck , Fame and Name . I just wish i get more of such great years in my life which will prove to be fruitful and eventful filled with happiness , joy and Success......

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hope Against Hope!!!


At last i think i m also getting into the blogger paradise.... i have been reading and thinking on wat others write.. its actually a wonderful way to share wat u have in ur mind n also to get a feedback from different kind of ppl n then judge ur decision. i don know how well i will be writing in my blog or how many ppl who read this will really enjoy it .but one thing is for sure is that i ll be spending some time to make this blog a good , enjoyable one ...atleast for MYSELF....!!!!