Friday, June 6, 2008

2 Years back !!

Dated : 5th June 2008.

Two Years Back – 5th June 2006.

A Dream company for most people in India, A Company where every software engineer dreams to be in. Yes, “Infosys Technologies Limited” had come for the campus placements to our college “Canara Engineering College, Mangalore”.

With not much of a hope I gave the written test as I had done for a few other companies. Then the results :) :) the most awaited part and believe it or not, out of 450 odd people from 7 engineering colleges in the region, only 35 got shortlisted .HR told it was an Average performance from all. The names were called one after the other which included students from other colleges and then the names from our college. 34 names were already called and then the 35th name …”Devidas S Maller”. Yes mine was the last name in the list. God!! , how lucky I was :):) but wait, I had to clear one more round.

My interview was at around 5.30 in the evening which went on well, this was the case in other companies also but none of them called my name in the final list. We all gathered in a room where the names of the people who were finally selected were to be announced. When I heard my name between all the others I felt I was the luckiest person in the whole world. I, for a moment, closed my eyes thanked GOD one more time and then there was hugging each other, congratulating each other .The Best Moment Of MY life. :):)

Another interesting thing was that I had not told my parents that I had a campus interview that day, I had to call them up to inform about my selection. I tried calling my home again and again but no one would pick the call. I was waiting to inform my parents first, before I could spread the news to my other friends and relatives. Somehow I was feeling very bad that I had not told my parents that I had the campus interview, but a deep sense of satisfaction was there within me because for all the previous companies I had informed them but only to disappoint them at the end of the day.

But today was different, again I called up home. It was 9.30 pm. My mother picked the call. I just had to tell her the news but before that I had to ask her where she was from evening. And the answer was “Temple”, it was then I realized why I was selected today and not any other day. Then I told her the news and all I could hear was my mother screaming with happiness and telling my dad about the news. :) :) I guess this was the moment for which I was waiting for a long time. I was happier for the reason that I made my parents happy , I had tears in my eyes, may be for the first time, these tears had come out, because of joy and happiness.

One Year Back – 5th June 2007.

We had our last day of engineering. We had our project lab which was scheduled from 8.00 am to 11.00 am. But the sad part was it went on till 2.00pm, the reason being our project was not up to the mark. But I did not mind the delay or the scolding’s from the external because this was the last day of the wonderful four years of my life. This day was one of the worst days in my engineering life. Just as my group came out of the lab, we were thinking whatever happened had happened; we just have to enjoy the rest of the day. We were exhausted as we did not sleep the night before, and had to take rest but there was no sleep in my eyes.

After lunch we went to the hostel and explained the horrible experience we had in the lab. After that I went to the college cyber. As I was thinking this was one of those days which had nothing good for me, I opened my mailbox to see a mail from, yes “Infosys Technologies Limited” asking me to join the company for the training from 23rd July 2007.

Same day one year ago Infosys made be the happiest person, one year later again I was happy because of Infosys. :) :) Today it is not those happy days because I miss my college, my friends and all the fun I had. :( :( Hope to get some good news from Infosys by the End of Day. :) :)