Thursday, July 24, 2008

One year up and Still going strong.... :)

This was written keeping in my mind the ppl in our training batch...

23rd July 2007- One year since
A day when I had to change myself from student life, the fun I had, the freedom I had, –To- something which is called “The Corporate Life”. I was joining “Infosys Technologies Limited”. But something different was in store for me and my batch. It was like we had changed our college and have joined a new one, where we all were new. The new ‘Toughest’ semester had begun with our new ‘Principal’ I mean the “HR” introducing us and making us aware of the new rules and regulations of the “College” and courses etc...

The first one week was great, we just had the induction sessions from morning till evening and then I and my roomie went on the cycle exploring the wonderful Blore DC. The way the first week had gone by, we had this thought that Professional life is so easy. But the Real courses started from the 2nd week. We had to undergo ‘Regression’ sessions on all the subjects which we had during our engineering, what we had studied in 4 years (A repeat for the people who had done engineering in Computers and for others it was new subjects), was covered well and finished within 2 months. We had the regular module tests and then the compre exam. I remember the day when we had our compre Hands On (Practical’s basically) which will be cherished throughout my life. Naah!!!! Don’t get me wrong here… I remember that day not because of the exam but that day it was Kailash Kher at the infy campus who was simply Rocking. Though we had our important exam on Monday (Compre exam), we had no choice but to forget everything and enjoy the show. The best part was, I and some of my friends got a chance to meet him, speak to him and take pic`s with him. Hmmmm … we had got a motivation to study well for the exam, though I don’t want to tell how well the exam went on… :P

We were expecting our main stream which would decide our future at Infosys and elsewhere. i.e., which platform we all will be trained. Everybody was expecting the stream to be either Java, Dot Net, but the best news came to us that we will be trained in “Mainframes”. Though I had not expected anything like java or dot net, I was scared, the only reason being that I had only heard about mainframes 2 or 3 times in my engineering. :) Nothing more nothing less… :) We were lucky to have the best trainers for this course, I would thank each of them … I know I used to think “Y these people are giving us such tough times” But today after one year I can just thank them because those tough times have made our life easy now … The training was indeed a wonderful, unforgettable, included fun, enjoyment, tough times etc... I have had this opportunity of meeting some of the best people, made some best friends, friends for Life… Also I thank the almighty for giving me the strength to complete it successfully.

We all were shifted to different DC`s after our training, I was lucky to get into Mysore DC. Like the first week of induction, here too I had this opportunity of exploring the Mysore DC… Not for one week but for “5 Full months”. :P :P It really took me 5 months to explore it… n god had given me all the time in the world… I was on “Bench” for 5 months. It was a gr8 time… I almost loved being a “Software Engineer” :) But every good thing has an end... and so did my bench... I was shifted to “IVS”(Testing projects) from “BCMD”(development projects) two months I am enjoying the “Testing” times... :) Hope I have some “Development” in my life soon :P .

My heartfelt thanks to each one of those who has made my life easy... Wishing everyone a great success and a wonderful life filled with happiness and fun…. Enjoy. Keep smiling and Keep in touch… Cheers.

P.S: I did not get time to cover everything what I thought… wanted to write more… May be some other time... :)